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Wake up, a new day is calling! ([personal profile] anewdaycalling) wrote2009-08-01 08:39 am

Countdown, among other things.

August 1st.
9 months until my life changes drastically. "/
My mom told me to stop dwelling on it, it is so hard though. There are no less than three people on my livejournal friends list who have husbands that are deployed. One of them just left yesterday. Reading about it makes it hard not to think about it.

The bank did in fact charge us an overdraft fee.
However, I did sell a diaper for $25 so I suppose we can pretend that it was only a $10 fee. I have two other diapers up for sale, but so far no takers. I have another mama who was/is buying two other ones. It has been over a month though and she keeps putting it off.

I was browsing dreamwidth last night again. [personal profile] allielujah posted about a site called Gives Me Hope/GMH amazing stuff I tell you. Brought tears to my eyes.
Operation Beautiful. Which I want to start doing, just reading about other people making others feel better about themselves makes me feel better about myself. So I am going to start today posting little notes whereever I go. (which isn't anywhere very often, but whatever works!)

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