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Wake up, a new day is calling! ([personal profile] anewdaycalling) wrote2009-08-03 11:37 pm
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Plan b?

I suppose I should start coming up with a plan b in the event the worst happens. The worst being that my parents either sell their house or lose their house. If one of those two happens Jack and I obviously wouldn't be moving in with them.

So a few ideas:
They lose the house and need somewhere to go. I find a real house to rent here in TN/KY and they come to live with us. Until they either get back on their feet, or ...

They sell the house and find somewhere cheaper to live. I suppose Jack and I could still come live with them. The whole point of me going back to MD is to be around family while Jason is gone.

Obviously if they are still in the house when May rolls around, that is where we will be heading. I also want to, more than ever now, help them fix up the house as much as possible. It is in the plans to sell the house in the future, and it needs a lot of work in order for that to happen.

Jason is going into the field until Thursday.