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Thinking ahead.

Jack's birthday is around the corner! Well more like down the block and around the corner, but close nonetheless!
He will be recieving these two items from us:
Melissa and Doug Easel
Toddler basketball hoop
His birthday is October 03, but his party wont be until November when all the family comes for Thanksgiving. My plan is to give him the basketball hoop in October so he can get some good play with it before it gets too cold. The easel will be given to him at his family party.
Also since we don't really know enough people to throw a party for him, I think maybe Jason and I will just take him somewhere special, maybe Chuck E. Cheese after a day at the Zoo?

At the moment my plan for financing his birthday gift (Cause it is a little expensive) is to try and sell more diapers and take some of his old, outgrown clothes and sell them to Once Upon a Child.
As for Christmas, because I have that list already growing, I think I may try and buy one gift per paycheck. Most of the things I want to get him for Christmas are under $20 so it should be doable.

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