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  Aug. 16th, 2009 11:23 pm
Today while watching The Watchmen Jack kept pointing at their ship and saying 'space bug'. This made me think that I should teach him the planets. This thought led to 'I really need to start sitting down with him and actually teaching him things'
Starting tomorrow that is exactly what I am going to do.
We will have alphabet time, number time, art time, space time, reading time. But all in a 'fun, keep the attention of a not yet two year old way'.
It will also help keep me off the computer. ha.

I am actually really excited about this.
Plus Jason is going to ask Z if he can carpool with him on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that I can have the car. Then Jack and I can take trips to the library and the playground!

The local paper is having a photo contest. 'Capture Clarksville' Once I read the rules, I think I am going to try and enter.

We are also trying to plan a camping trip! I am excited for this. I think Jack will have a blast.
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  Aug. 2nd, 2009 08:50 pm

and I entered this photo into the Goodmama 'any turned diaper' photo contest. Not that I expect it to win, but I wanted to participate in the fun. The picture definately looked better on the camera because you couldn't tell it was blurry. I do like that the diaper (the most important part of the photo) is in crystal clear focus.

(not to mention it looks really great when it is thumbnail size! ha)

Today I went upstairs to nap while Jack was napping on the couch and Jason was playing video games. Jack woke before me and according to Jason looked at the computer before coming upstairs to find me. I am pretty sure that means I spend too much time sitting here. and doing nothing most of the time too.

I asked Jason to talk to his friend Z about carpooling since he lives so close. He agreed it was a good idea. This makes me really excited because it will give Jack and I the oppportunity to get out of the house during the week. We have gone to the playground both mornings this weekend and it was so nice. Jack even napped really well both days. Coincidence? I think not.


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