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  Aug. 3rd, 2009 09:40 am
I can't seem to shake this feeling of "I feel like I am getting sick".
I keep having headaches, my throat hurts, my nose is runny! (could it suddenly be allergies?)
Last night my tooth hurt and this morning my ear hurts. and I am so tired all the time!
This all started about a week ago when I was sick for roughly a day. Since then I just feel terrible.

After writing it out though, I am wondering if maybe it is allergies. I have never suffered from them before, but according to Jack's doctor, this area is allergy central.
But do allergies typically start when summer is almost over? Plus it has been really rainy here, which seems like it would keep the allergens down.
I guess I will see if I get any better when I visit Maryland next week.

Seriously though, my ear is killing me. Sharp stabbing pains!

My mother just recieved news that her worker's comp is ending. The insurance doctor claims she is as good as she is going to get and can return to work. Between her and my father their combined income is now $900. Their morgtage alone is $1400. I feel terrible, after all they have done for us and all I can offer is my sympathy and a "you are welcome here if it comes to it" and "I wish May was closer so I could actually help you"


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