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GO VEG and back to school!

I am pretty confident that when I move to my parents house the transition to full vegetarian will be a simple one. I find myself dreading cooking meat and eating it right now. Of all the times I have contemplated vegetarianism, I have never experienced this. I think that is why it has been so difficult to stick to it. Of course I am still eating meat at this point in time. I don't have the luxury of experimenting with food that I may not like and therefore it goes to waste. Plus Jack needs to get his proper nutrition and at the moment I only know how to do that successfully from an omnivores perspective.
Then there is always the fact that Jason will always be an omnivore, forever.
I also think that waiting until I am at my parents house, with my mom who is a former vegetarian, it will be much easier to keep with it, and hopefully in that year I will become comfortable enough that when Jason comes home, I wont be tempted to drop it.

So for the time being I try to limit my meat intake to dinner only. I also like the idea of baking vegan only. Though I need to find a good brownie recipe, an easy one at that too.

I am also one step closer to going back to school. August 1st marks the day the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill goes into affect, thus allowing Jason to apply to transfer his benefits to me.

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